Hello everyone! If you can't give up on your winter blazers then it's time for you to switch to their summer sleeveless avatar! Layering up in summers can get really tricky when it's been our favourite trend during winters. Striping down to the basics and then teaming them up with a statement cover-up can be... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone! It's that time of the year when sweltering heat can act as a spoiler to your style game. Where comfort rules, at the same time you don't want to miss the diva look on you.  Summers are all about acing the sexy sheers, peppy prints and refreshing colours. Being comfortable with the fabric... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone! We all have those pieces in our closet which we don't want to wear maybe because we are bored of them or because we fear repeating them. Why to worry as long as DIYs are there?! While denim jackets have been around for long, their recent patchwork look has catapulted them into the... Continue Reading →


Hello everybody! Leather jackets and pants have been part of every fashionista's wardrobe, but it's time to make an addition.  If you are the one who thinks that leather looks are only for winters, then this might prove you wrong! Leather trend is something I find difficult to let go of as we enter spring... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone! I'm here again, getting back to blogging with a lot of excitement following nervousness. So let's get started!  Spring is all set to rule over your outfit choices, where dressing frumpy isn't simply an excuse. At the same time finding comfort also counts. These days ask for an outfit that works well for... Continue Reading →


Hey pretty people! So here I am with a new exciting blog. As I promised you people earlier that beside the everyday looks I would be posting a few blogs on DIY too. So here it is! Many have loved the denim nail art that I have featured in my third blog so that’s why... Continue Reading →


Hello everyone! Time for a new blog but firstly I would like to apologize because I  haven’t been posting on time since few days. Because of some prior engagements the schedule was getting unbalanced and I was not getting much time to blog. But I promise you all to keep you updated about any new... Continue Reading →


FOURTH BLOG is here everyone ! Before I start with my blog I would like to thank you all for the amazing support and love that you all have been giving me. I am really happy with the number of views that I have been getting on my blogs. I hope that we keep on... Continue Reading →


Time for the THIRD BLOG everyone ! As I have already mentioned in my second blog that this blog will teach you a very interesting DIY. Are you ready to explore the fun side of fashion? So without wasting any time let’s begin with the third blog “Nailed it”. We all must have tried floral... Continue Reading →

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