Slay that shirt dress ft. side collar 

Hello everyone!
If you have seen my previous blogs (Perfecting palazzos with HeppBlooming beauty) then you must have idea about what today’s blog gonna feature. 

Well, it’s my third look from the amazing collection of Hepp India and also the one I personally liked the most. 


No doubt I’m a fan of shirt dresses but this one just took my heart away. Why not?! Because my two favourite prints, stripes and floral came together in form of this chic shirt dress.  

Flower embroidery and prints are ruling the fashion world these days. Also blue stripes are so much in trend that you could probably find them in every store and on every other outfit. 

No girls, that’s not the only highlight of this outfit. 

Coming to the detailing, the dress has a side collar with 3/4 sleeves.  

Side collar shifted the look to more sporty and fun and made this outfit perfect for me to attend a fun event with Ciclo café

Style your shirt dress with white sneakers and a chic hair do. 

Keep your makeup to the minimalistic because less is more sometimes. 

I hope you enjoyed the blog. Let me know in the comments below that how do you find this look. 

You can reach their collection either through Amazon  or directly by clicking on the Hepp India.  
Till then follow them on Instagram ,Facebook

I’ll be soon introducing lifestyle blogs to my website, so stay tuned for that. 


Outfit : Shirt dress Hepp India

Location courtesy : Ciclo café  

Picture courtesy : Light Hacker Photography 


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