Remedi Tip Via REMEDICO 

Hello everyone!

Have any one of you been lately worried about your skin and hair related problems, like me? 
Often find yourself too occupied with work to visit a doctor? That happens with me too. 
To our rescue, we have Remedico

As the name suggests, it’s the best remedy for all your skin and hair related worries right from your home or office. No appointment or visit required.

Remedico is India’s first and only digital dermatology clinic, which can help you get healthy skin and hair.

No matter how busy your schedule is, you can still get expert advice from certified dermatologist for any skin or hair disease, from acne to hair fall. 

It’s as easy as taking a selfie. 

All you have to do is open their webportal and start consulting from your phone. 

Answer a few questions, take some pictures of the symptoms, and you’re done. 
I am hereby explaining everything in details on how you’re supposed to proceed with their treatment plan in detail.

Steps to be followed:
* Visit  

* Once you open their portal, proceed with Start a consultation.

* Fill in all your personal details.

* You’ll be asked a few questions about you and your condition.

* Attach photos of the problem and the symptoms.

* Make payment online.

* Your treatment plan will be ready within 48 hours with expert care advices and solutions.

Visiting a skin specialist should not need much time from your regular schedule and should be cost-effective too. Remedico is the best stop with all your requirements met at a very reasonable price of ₹350 for the consultation and treatment plan.

I personally opted for their treatment plan for my hair and I am really satisfied with the quality of customer service they provided in a very less time. 

They made everything very easy and hassle-free for me and I’d surely recommend this to everybody for a personalised treatment sitting at home.

I hope this blog was helpful for y’all. Stay tuned for more. 



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