Hey everyone!

I have received an amazing response on my previous DIY blogpost. (If you’re new and haven’t checked out then you can search it by name “Catch that Patch“). Therefore I decided to come up with another exciting DIY. So let’s get started!You must have seen your favourite celebs rocking lace up sandals. They are trending and undoubtedly top the list of summer staples. 

How about rocking the trend with your boring flats just with a simple DIY?!

The only things you require are your flats which you want to convert into lace up ones and a ribbon or a long strip of fabric of your favourite colour. 

To begin, make a knot from where you’ll start wounding it around the straps and continue till the whole strap gets covered. You can fix few areas using fabric glue if needed. 

Repeat the same procedure with the other strap and then with the other foot. 

And it’s done! Tie the lace ups in a criss-cross manner around your legs and you are all set to rule the trend. 

I have styled them with my shirt dress for a perfect summer look, keeping the makeup minimal. 

Hope you guys liked it. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. And also let me know that how often do you guys want me to post DIY blogs.  

Stay tuned for more!



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