Hey everyone!
Today’s blog is all about our very own timeless stripes and layering in summers. 

Layering and teaming up the right pieces can actually get tricky in summers when you don’t want to load yourself with a lot of clothes. 

Here I have teamed up my mustard long shrug with a pair of black & white striped pants. I don’t know why but I always end up buying at least one item in stripes every time I go for shopping. I think I’m obsessed with them. Why not?!

Striped pants looks effortlessly chic and creates an illusion of longer legs. They are very comfortable and look super stylish when high waisted. Being incredibly versatile they can be worn on both formal and non formal occasions. The key is to style them right. 

Stripes can be hard to pull off if not selected according to the right body type. Vertical stripes makes you look thinner and elongates the body part whereas horizontal ones add width. Also notice the width of the stripes and the colour combination they offer. Try to team up your striped pieces with a solid colour. 

I completed my look with a sleek low ponytail and black aviators. Adding the extra oomph with the dark lip shade, I’m all set to roll in the vintage vibe. 

I hope you enjoyed the blog.  

Stay tuned for more. 



10 thoughts on “VINTAGE VIBE FT. STRIPES 

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  1. Your energy, your outfit and your makeup are absolute perfection in these photos. Honestly, goals! Thank you for adding a burst of inspiration and motivation to my week!!

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