Hey everyone! I guess I am more than just obsessed with shirt dresses which is evident enough from my previous blogpost too featuring a slogan t-shirt dress. Well, why not?! Shirt Dresses are the most comfortable get-to-go outfits when you don't feel like packing yourself in those tights. Put on a shirt dress along with... Continue Reading →


Out of clues? SHOPCLUES!

Hey everyone! I'm back again with another blogpost but this time with a perfect solution for your summer shopping. If you're an ardent customer shopping everything you need for yourself online, then is the best stop with 16000 brands. When it's a party, or when it's just about looking good casually, the best place... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone! Summers are all about feeling lazy and with the soaring heat, it's better to hold on to the casuals.  And the major requirement for dressing up casual in summers is a t-shirt dress.   Cool, comfortable and doesn't require much effort with styling, what else does anyone want during this lazy time!  I... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone! Today's blog is all about our very own timeless stripes and layering in summers.  Layering and teaming up the right pieces can actually get tricky in summers when you don't want to load yourself with a lot of clothes.  Here I have teamed up my mustard long shrug with a pair of black... Continue Reading →

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