Hey everyone! 

Summers are all about loosening up and feeling sexy. And the best way to take on the season is to incorporate lace ups in your wardrobe. 

From dresses, bodysuits, gladiator sandals to heels, lace ups are dominant everywhere. You simply can’t resist yourself from buying at least one such item. 

This boho look inspired from the 90s is perfect to bring out the sass in you. Called as one of the most popular trends of the season, it seems to have taken over other fashion choices. 

I’ve been totally obsessed with the trend and would love to stock my wardrobe with lace up pieces. 

Here I’m acing the lace up on the front V neck of my black top from Ginger. Team it up with a pair of flared denims which I got from Forever 21 and black boots to give it a vintage vibe. 

Go for aviators to jazz up and a sling bag to complete the look. 

You can experiment with this vintage trend and channel the exotic you. Going for a casual shopping date or hopping for a party, this trend can be aced anywhere due to its versatility. 

Get ready to beat the heat in style and take on this hot trend these summers. 

I hope you enjoyed the blog. 

Stay tuned for more! 



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