Hey everyone!
We all have those pieces in our closet which we don’t want to wear maybe because we are bored of them or because we fear repeating them. Why to worry as long as DIYs are there?!

While denim jackets have been around for long, their recent patchwork look has catapulted them into the list of fashion staples. Being the most popular trend these days, patchwork denim jackets can be carried off well for the day events. The jacket looks casual but at the same time will give a chic vibe. 

Here I have used the phulkari patchwork to jazz up my denim shirt, which I took off from one of my mom’s old dupatta. Phulkari, which is a Punjab originated weaving style for embroidery work using bright and colourful threads. Paste it using fabric glue or needle stitch it, according to your convenience. You can also use different kinds of patches, letters, patterns or big buttons to give that boring denim an interesting look. 

For the rest of the look, you need not to do much since the patchwork is doing more of it. Accessorising smart is vital. One statement accessory like choker necklace is enough to pull off that quirky look. Complete the look with a sling bag and you are all set to roll. 

Let me know if this look fascinates you. 

Have a lovely day ahead! 


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