Hey everyone!

I’m here again, getting back to blogging with a lot of excitement following nervousness. So let’s get started! 

Spring is all set to rule over your outfit choices, where dressing frumpy isn’t simply an excuse. At the same time finding comfort also counts. These days ask for an outfit that works well for the unstable weather, neither making you feel hot nor cold. 

So I choose a pastel grey full-sleeves knee length dress for a brunch date. It keeps me as warm as is required for this weather and also gives a perfect elegant look. 

You can always make a trend more of you only by the power of styling. For jazzing up my grey hued dress I have invested in these blue reflector sunglasses and my all time favourite block heeled black leather boots. 

For makeup, where dramatic eyes are not required I choose to experiment with my lip shade by adding a tint of marsala hue to them. I can also wear my hair in a messy bun to keep the elegant look going. These small styling tips can help you achieve a lot to up your spring game. 

One statement accessory like a black pom pom fur choker can further spice up your look. 

 I hope you enjoyed the blog. Stay tuned for more blogs. 



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