Hey pretty people!

So here I am with a new exciting blog.

As I promised you people earlier that beside the everyday looks I would be posting a few blogs on DIY too. So here it is!

Many have loved the denim nail art that I have featured in my third blog so that’s why I have decided to put up a very interesting and exciting DIY on it.
Let’s get started with the SIXTH BLOG based on DIY “Denimicious Nails”!

Do It Yourself!


Our all time denim love story has now got a new as well as an exciting turn. We all are lazy on our part to change the nail polish and matching it every day with our trendy casuals but what’s good about this one is that you don’t need to change it much since it can go almost with all your denim casuals.

So without wasting much of your time let’s go!

What all you guys need is 15 minutes and your nail paints!

Follow the 5 simple steps and you will be ready to make a fashionable noise with your nails.
DIY: Denim Nail Art

  1. Apply a base coat of dark blue nail paint. It’s best if you use three strokes. Let it dry properly.
  1. Take a small piece of sponge and apply white nail paint over it using a brush. Remove the extra paint by tapping it on a rough paper.
  1. Now tap it slowly and carefully on your blue painted nails.
  1. The color would automatically blend so beautifully that it would give you an illusion of a denim fabric.
  1. Preserve your hard work by applying a top coat after it dries properly.

Yes it’s done!

This one was so easy that I bet anybody can do this and can make a style quotient with their nails.


  1. Always apply thin coats of polish.
  2. Choose the right shade of blue for the base coat.
  3. Applying a top coat is a must.
  4. Wipe the skin around each nail with Vaseline to maintain neatness.
  5. You can get more creative with sparkles and jewels.

So what are you waiting for, just take out 15 minutes and try this one out.
Let your nails do the talking!


I am kind of sure that you are going to try this at home. I hope you enjoyed this blog and it helped you somewhere.
You can follow me for more styles and can like and comment in the below sections.

Next blog shall be out soon!
Stay tuned!
See you until next time, till then

Happy blogging! ❤


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