FOURTH BLOG is here everyone !

Before I start with my blog I would like to thank you all for the amazing support and love that you all have been giving me. I am really happy with the number of views that I have been getting on my blogs. I hope that we keep on growing in number. So, I have decided to post a new blog after every five days. Moreover, as my third blog I would be posting a few additional blogs which would be based on DIY.
So stay tuned for that!
Let’s get started with the FOURTH BLOG “Dungaree Danger”!
As the name itself says, today the trend I am going to talk about is Dungarees.
Let us take a look.
Getting into the details!

Dungarees are overalls or coveralls made from the rugged blue fabric- Denim. Denim being an all season fabric can be stylized in many ways. Ditch the boring and go for this funky piece which can be worn for a shopping date, movie time, day brunch or any other casual activity. This 90s style is back in as a fashion statement and has become a wardrobe essential.

So, what all should we keep in mind while purchasing these overalls!
Fitting and the way you carry them matters a lot.
Buyers should also take into consideration the material of the fabric. Styling is important.

Here I have styled it with a white top to give a smart casual look. Wear a crop top to shift the look more to the fun side. You can either go for a t-shirt, vest top or a shirt to make it more wearable. Rather than going for plain tops carry them with prints like stripes or graphics.

Accessory time!


Add a pop of color to the look with your accessories and makeup.
In order to keep the look comfortable and chic I have used hot pink loafers or sneakers. They are the perfect style accomplishments.
A statement accessory is a perfect choice for a no fuss look. Here I have styled it with a hot pink thumb ring. Make it more casual with a ponytail.

Matching your manicure with this one-piece is not at all a bad idea.
I kept my look simple with a tint of pink color to my lips.
Are you ready to ace this comfy, chic and casual look?


1. Always take care of the outfit fitting.
2. Go for a graphic or a striped tee.
3. Avoid too much of accessories.
4. Heels will give it a formal look.
5. Minimal makeup goes perfectly.

Try out this new way of rocking denims and make this fun and freewheeling outfit a must-have item.

Here is the complete look.


Take the inspiration and get ready to become fashion forward. I hope you enjoyed this blog and it helped you somewhere.
You can follow me for more styles and can like and comment in the below sections.

Wait for the next blog!
Stay tuned.

Till then,
Happy blogging! ❤


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