Time for the THIRD BLOG everyone !
As I have already mentioned in my second blog that this blog will teach you a very interesting DIY.

Are you ready to explore the fun side of fashion?

So without wasting any time let’s begin with the third blog “Nailed it”.

We all must have tried floral prints on clothes, shoes, accessories and what not. But girls now it’s high time to get those chirpy floral prints on your nails and that too within 15 minutes at home. Isn’t it exciting!

Do It Yourself !

Florals on nails !

Take a cue from above, here I have matched the nail art with my floral printed maxi. Bring on the ideas from your wardrobe and DIY them to revamp your nails. All you guys need is your favorite nail colors and 15 minutes. Follow the 5 simple steps and you will be ready to make a fashionable noise with your nails.

DIY: Floral Nail Art

1. Apply a base coat of white nail paint. It’s best if you use three strokes. Let it dry properly.

2.  Choose the shades of pink you want to feature on the base as flowers.

3. Use a thin paint brush or a matchstick and try to make spots of different shades of pink. Not much detailing is required while making the flowers.

4. Make the leaves with the black nail paint. You can do the rest of the detailing with a pointed paint brush.

5. Preserve your hard work by applying a top coat after it dries properly.

So, here was the best way of making your nails fashion forward.  Uplift your summer-ridden mood with this refreshing floral nail art.


1. Always apply thin coats of polish.

2. Use of different shades will give a 3D look to flowers.

3. Actual detailing is required while making leaves.

4. Applying a top coat is a must.

5. Store your nail paints in the refrigerator during summers.

Let your hands catch the eyeballs this time.

Loved it ?

I am sure you are going to take out 15 minutes and would try this at home. I hope you enjoyed this blog and it helped you somewhere.

You can follow me for more styles and can like and comment in the below sections.

Next blog shall be out soon!

Stay tuned!

Till then, Happy blogging! ❤


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