Hello everyone !

So here I am publishing my first blog. I hope you will take out few minutes from your precious time to go through my blog and would appreciate my hard work.

Let us begin with the FIRST BLOG “Sleek&Stylish” in which I will be talking about the four major fashion trends this season – Crop tops, side slit fitted skirts, strappy gladiator sandals & top knots.

All these trends combine to give us a sleek yet stylish look which is quite effortless and looks really elegant.
So girls, it’s time to become a head-turner!

First let us take a look at today’s attire in the following picture.

*Outfit Of The Day

Starting from the clothes, crop tops have been in fashion from so long and are still stealing the shows. Actually, perfect for summers!
Here, I have teamed up a white crop top with a black side slit long fitted skirt. Solid neutrals never go wrong with such dresses.
The dress gives us an illusion of a maxi in a modern way. Long dresses look quite formal but when teamed up with the right kind of accessories you can also wear them for your casual outings.

So what kind of accessories should we actually wear?


Spunk-up the look with golden accessories.
Long dresses actually speaks for itself so make sure that you wear right amount of accessories. Here I avoided earrings due to the neckpiece. Strappy flat gladiator sandals looks perfect with the entire look.
Top knots are ruling these days. So, go for a chic top knot and beat the heat.  Keeping the rest of the makeup to minimal, add a dash of red to the lips. Paint the nails with the same shade of red to pep up the entire look.

So, here was the hottest attire for the hottest season.

Tips&Tricks :

1. The dress will highlight your curves, so wear it according to your  body type.
2. Don’t over-accessorize yourself.
3. Never ignore your nails.
4. Skip the neckpiece and handcuff and go for earrings and a finger ring.
5. You can also try for a striped side slit long fitted skirt.

Summarizing the whole look:


So are you ready to become ultra-glamorous with this stunning outfit!
I am sure you are going to try this look. I hope you enjoyed and it helped you somewhere.
You can follow me for more styles and can like and comment in the below sections.

Wait for the next. Stay tuned.

Till then, Happy blogging!


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