FOURTH BLOG is here everyone ! Before I start with my blog I would like to thank you all for the amazing support and love that you all have been giving me. I am really happy with the number of views that I have been getting on my blogs. I hope that we keep on... Continue Reading →



Time for the THIRD BLOG everyone ! As I have already mentioned in my second blog that this blog will teach you a very interesting DIY. Are you ready to explore the fun side of fashion? So without wasting any time let’s begin with the third blog “Nailed it”. We all must have tried floral... Continue Reading →


It’s time for the SECOND BLOG! Firstly I would love to thank you all for such an overwhelming response to my first blog. I promise you all that I will try my best to keep the level up each time. If I am able to inspire even one of you, I will consider myself successful... Continue Reading →


Hello everyone ! So here I am publishing my first blog. I hope you will take out few minutes from your precious time to go through my blog and would appreciate my hard work. Let us begin with the FIRST BLOG “Sleek&Stylish” in which I will be talking about the four major fashion trends this... Continue Reading →

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