Hair care session at Kyra.

We all know how much we crave for good hair days. No doubt, a good hair day can make everything look good. Since a long time, I wanted to consult a hair specialist due to changing weather and hair problems. What could be better than taking hair care advice from a professional hair stylist? I... Continue Reading →


A day in my life.

This is one of the happening days, not a usual one where I don’t do anything except stalking, eating and sleeping. Saturday: 9th June'18 I woke up at 9 am because I had this really important shoot which was getting delayed since long. I had to pack a few bags, yes, just 5 of them... Continue Reading →

Orange is the new black.

Hey everyone! It’s been really long that I blogged, but finally now I have few months to do what I love. Summer vacations yay! Lately I have been obsessed with the colour orange, it literally happened by chance. It all started from Sarojini Nagar market in Delhi where I found a solid colour maxi dress.... Continue Reading →

Letter To Skin ft. Vicco Turmeric

Glowing skin, always in! Hey guys! No matter which season is on, your skin needs to be taken care of. Keeping your skin hydrated most of the times can be a challenge in itself. But, you’d be amazed at how quickly your skin and body can rejuvenate given the right ingredients. Take a smart, multifaceted... Continue Reading →

Tasting Thai cuisine at Dao

Hey lovelies! Welcome back to my blog. Caution : You might feel hungry after reading this. Trying out different cuisines was on my wish list since so long. After all, a cuisine of a particular region tells everything about it’s diverse culture, people and their lifestyle. It's connected to everything of that region and reflects... Continue Reading →

Choose your shoes with FSJ

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. - Marilyn Monroe Hello everybody!Hope you all are doing well. Recalling our happy times, let me take you all back to our favourite childhood fairytale of Cinderella. According to me the moment when she dropped her glass shoe turned out to be life... Continue Reading →

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